EBF at Hortiflorexpo (Flowers exhibition) – Beijing 2018

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EBF Cargo will be present at the most important and visited flowers exhibition “Hortiflorexpo” in all China

The exhibition will be held on May 10, 11 and 12, 2018 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) Beijing China

The exhibition brings together exporters, importers, related people, brokers, freight forwarders, among others with the aim of consolidating business, creating opportunities, updating knowledge and closing deals.

EBF Cargo will be once again participating in this great event to keep showing our reliability and unique services

EBF will be in a large and modern stand with number W2A27.

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EBF Cargo, leader in the transport and logistics of fruits to the whole world

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EBF Cargo along the years has been recognized as a trustful cargo agency for logistics and transport, by the exporters and importers of fruits worldwide.
EBF Cargo has the biggest (2000m2), self owned, temperature controlled coolers in the market; giving confidence to our clients regarding quality and handling of their products.
Logistics specialized multilingual agents in EBF are 100% in charge of the complete process of transporting.
Production of fruits for exportation, especially exotic fruits in Ecuador is growing constantly in volume since the year 2000 aprox. especially pitaya and maracuya.
The high production of these products depends on the climate, however it concentrates from October to April.

Fruits in our portfolio, which we export are: Yellow Pitaya, Red Pitaya, Passion Fruit, Cucumber, Kiwano, Mango, Baby Banana, Berries, Baby banana, tamarillo, naranjilla, guanabana, and more.
The expertise in the market and strong relationships with all the airlines have allowed us to keep growing in number of shipments every year.
Countries like China( including Hong Kong), Singapur, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, United States, Canada Dubai,and more; have been happily working directly with us.

Producers and exporters in Ecuador know we are the most fruits-specialized freight forwarder in Ecuador
Quality is our pillar.

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Russia: Rose still the number one flower?

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Russia is a flower loving country and around 90 percent of the flowers are imported. The largest share of these flowers are sold in Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg. Last week, during the FlowersExpo week in Moscow, we got the opportunity to visit a flower market that has one of the largest selections of flowers in Moscow: Riga (Rizhskiy) Market. It is said that local florists go to this market to buy fresh flowers at wholesale prices.

 Riga Market 

Rose is No. 1 flower
Even though the selection of flowers is very broad, this market clearly shows the number one flower in the country; the rose. Nearly half of the imported flowers in Russia are roses and over half of these roses are supplied by Ecuador, followed by Colombia. However, according to several rose growers at the FlowersExpo, the offer of today is different compared to several years ago, before the country was hit by the crisis. “Nowadays, there are not as many 100 cm roses on the market anymore, red and white are not the most offered colors and more roses are being imported from Kenya.”

When taking a closer look at the flower displays at the Riga market, the exhibitors seem to be right. Pink roses are taking in quite some space, the majority of the roses have a stem length ranging from 40 to 80 cm and next to the Russian and Ecuadorean roses, one sees quite a lot of roses from Kenyan farms. And this also complies with the numbers. Statistically speaking, import of roses from Kenya increased over the past few years, by over 50 percent in quantity and value terms.

More than just roses. 

More than roses
Next to roses, many other flowers are on offer and these mainly originate from the Netherlands and Colombia. The Netherlands account for many of the orchids, cymbidium and gerberas that are on display and Colombia for many of the chrysanthemums, carnations and alstroemerias.

Gerberas from the Netherlands. 

More smaller flowers in bouquets
Next to straight bunches, large bouquets with strong colors and some fall arrangements are on offer. Interestingly, even though the Russians are known for their love for flowers with large head sizes, several of these bouquets contain many flowers with smaller head sizes. An utterance made by one of the FlowersExpo exhibitors – “many is the new big” – seems to have the potential to become and might even already be a real trend.

Smaller flowers in large bouquets. 

Having a quick look at the prices at the market, one sees that the rose prices range from 30 ruble for a 40 cm rose to 70 ruble for a 90 cm rose and the prices of a bouquet mainly lie within the range of 1,500 to 10,000 ruble.

Publication date: 9/20/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop

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Flowers Expo 2017 (Moscow)

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EBF Cargo will be present at the most important and visited flowers exhibition “Flowers Expo” of all Russia

The exhibition will be held on September 12,13 and 14, 2017 in Moscow, IEC “Crocus Expo”

The exhibition brings together exporters, importers, related people, brokers, freight forwarders, among others with the aim of consolidating business, creating opportunities, updating knowledge and closing deals.

EBF Cargo will once again take part in this great event as it has been doing since 2011, the year on which the exhibition began.

EBF will be in a large and modern stand with number H402.


拉塔姆货运, 情人节前夕, 鲜花货运量高达9,000吨

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一般来说, 人们认为货运安全且及时, 是理所当然, 因此, 可能并不太关注物流这一行业。而情人节来临的前四周, 正是运输业旺季的开端。身在美国的每一位女性若想在情人节都收到一束鲜花, 物流是关键。正是物流公司负责将产于厄瓜多尔、哥伦比亚、危地马拉和秘鲁的1亿6000万束鲜花运送到美国、欧洲甚至大洋洲。这绝非易事。完成这项任务需要专业人员将3,100到5,200箱鲜花安全无误地装载到144趟配有专门存储易腐商品设备的飞机航班上。

拉塔姆货运公司的易腐商品物流服务始于2016年。专业化的冷藏设施和严格的行程安排确保可降解产品的运输万无一失。 情人节前夕, 拉塔姆货运公司的鲜花运输量达到近9000吨, 约占该地区整个鲜花市场的21%。

latam cargo san valentin 2017 1

临近情人节的几周内, 从该地区到迈阿密国际机场每周的航运班次会增至三倍。其中, 来自波哥大市的鲜花货运量每周增至将近900吨, 而来自基多市的鲜花货运量则增至1,500吨。总的来说, 在此期间, 有4,200吨鲜花从哥伦比亚输出, 而另外4,700吨则是从厄瓜多尔输出。

这一特殊又易损产品运输的最主要的目的地是美国和荷兰。而迈阿密国际机场正是拉塔姆货运公司总部所在地。运来的鲜花就是从这里直接分配到美国的各个最终目的地;或者运到阿姆斯特丹, 进而分配到欧洲各地;又或者运到悉尼, 进而分配到大洋洲各地。

Latam Cargo preparacion flores san valentin

总的来说, 迈阿密国际机场每周收到的来自厄瓜多尔和哥伦比亚的鲜花货运量约5,000吨, 而因为情人节的缘故, 这一货运量会飙升至1万4,000吨之多。 2016年, 运输的鲜花种类主要有红玫瑰、菊花、大丽花和康乃馨, 运输量达近10万吨, 占全球鲜花市场总量的26%。 在拉丁美洲, 主要的花卉生产国包括秘鲁、哥斯达黎加和危地马拉。然而, 最大的花卉出口国是哥伦比亚和厄瓜多尔;情人节期间, 其鲜花出口量达4万2,000吨, 远销海外90多个国家。

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赠送玫瑰花虽只是一个生活小细节, 却永远不会过时。可是, 你能想到让玫瑰花永不凋零吗?如今, 保鲜玫瑰产业让这一幻想变成了现实。厄瓜多尔企业家索菲亚·哈拉米略所销售的玫瑰花就永不凋零­­——具有玫瑰花的外观、触感和芳香, 却如磐石经久不衰。可想而知, 这并不简单。保鲜花最初跟其他花卉一样产自普通种植园。但是, 一旦被采摘, 这些鲜花会经过脱水、脱色、内部水分替换、染色及干燥一系列工艺加工过程, 而发生彻底改变并最终以高价售出。保鲜玫瑰在美国售价为每支20美元, 在国内则每支12美元。哈拉米略的鲜花保鲜术如同魔法一般, 而她的工作团队也同样不可思议。所有的花束包装工作都是由50多岁的妇女完成的, 而这部分劳动力历来就缺乏就业机会。“对于我们来说, 这是件好事。因为许多公司只招40岁以下的员工, ” 包装工洛萨里奥•卡德纳斯说, “一旦过了这个年纪, 再找工作就很难了。”卡德纳斯的同事奥拉•佩雷拉认为, 这份工作意味着自由:“我更独立、更自由了。有了自己的东西, 自己的存款, 自己的时间。


Expoflores 及其在花卉生产链中所起到的作用

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在厄瓜多尔, 花卉生产与出口是一个传统产业。像塔瓦昆多这样的城市, 因为其所生产的花卉种类繁多、质量上乘, 而被誉为玫瑰之都。这一劳动产业为厄瓜多尔的经济发展做出了巨大贡献。产业每天都需要创新, 而劳工组织则从中起了重要作用。 Expoflores这一贸易组织, 在执行副总裁亚历杭德罗·马丁内斯的领导下, 代表着厄瓜多尔全体花卉生产商的利益。组织的策略是促进花卉产业发展, 通过技术创新和见机整合花卉制作加工流程与业务来扩大本国花卉生产商在全球市场所占的份额。 “我们所处的市场非常庞大, 且竞争非常激烈, ” 马丁内斯说, “所以, 设法激发客户对该产品的需求, 让我们的生产活动成为必然, 就显得尤为重要。”

对于亚历杭德罗来说, Expoflores的使命对于该行业的发展具有战略性意义, 是其首要职能, 即将整个商业联盟制度化。该联盟经历了多方面改革, 以适应市场需求并与厄瓜多尔的经济活动一同发展壮大。正如亚历杭德罗所言, 该组织所起的作用绝不简单, 需要考虑各方需求, 包括各种不同规模的公司及各种不同类型农户的需求。此外, 他还强调, “组织物流工作及解决商业争端绝不是一项简单的任务。”

“花卉产业所创造的消费价值越来越少, 而花卉市场增长率微乎其微, ” 亚历杭德罗说, “精细饰品市场在增长, 可花卉生产市场却停滞不前。”所以发掘产品价值, 激发客户需求, 势在必行。“我们所处的市场非常庞大, 竞争也非常激烈。”

在拉丁美洲, 尤其在厄瓜多尔, 商业联盟所扮演的角色令人困惑。它必须透过国家政策, 了解并掌握这一行业的真正需求。行业内部可能会发展不协调, 一部分企业朝着这个方向发展, 另一部分则朝着不同方向发展。而我们所经营的产品只有一种, 那就是花卉。这就涉及到差异问题。” 亚历杭德罗总结道。这一环节很重要, 不光在花卉产业中, 对于其他行业和出口产品来说, 其发展过程也无不遵循此规律。“联盟所需要做的就是透过个别问题看本质, 必须有意识地不断扩展市场并提高行业本身的工艺技术水平, ”他说。

Source: APD Ecuador